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About the Sim...

Welcome to a combination of high and low fantasy Medieval Fantasy sim. Novus has been live since 2015, operating to bring a thrilling experience to the characters brought through our doors while trying to maintain a safe place to play. The sim has had it's ups and downs,it still has stood the test of time and thankful to those who have kept us going when times got tough. We are constantly evolving and always listening to our players needs wants and cravings while keeping things in check to make sure -everyone- has a good time.We can't please everyone however, we know this, but we do strive to make it a good experience so long as we're met half way. We will not hold your hand though, we throw plot out to be obtained and gathered in character, you have to do your part as the character. Nor do we not center plot around leads/staff out of any ego trips other than some times a king is important or the leader of a faction needs to make a tough call. THIS DOES ALSO MEAN the kings and queens, the guild leaders, they all need a counsel to refer to for said decision making and that's where you the players come in. We want roles to fill in, if you want to be on a counsel, prove yourself, talk to the leader you want to help in character and work it out. This is also open to corrupt characters worming their way into power, nothing here is cut and dry, there are shadows and plotting around every corner and leadership OOC will work with you to allow as much to be creative. Every part is important. From guards, merchants, mercs, healers etc. They all have a role and activity reaps reward. With staff who are open to ideas, plots and intrigue while maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere OOC. So join us, the world is ours to build, it just needs you.

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